Jay Epstein

Jazz Piano / Philadelphia

A born and bred Midwesterner (Cleveland, OH to be exact), I began my foray into music at the tender age of eight years old. My teachers saw potential in those tiny hands and enlisted me for the school’s jazz programs. This love carried through to my later years as I enrolled in an intensive music program in high school, immersing myself in jazz. By the age of 15, I found myself ready to face the discerning audiences of the greater Cleveland area and began playing gigs anywhere I could, from small nightclubs to large performance halls.

All of that was just a precursor though. After high school graduation, I moved to New York City to attend New School University. There I honed my skills and mastered my craft under the tutelage of Rachel Niccolazzo, Hal Galper, along with other faculty.

Having developed a fluid and open playing style, I was awarded with the distinct honor of being able learn from and play with my peers and teachers in the professional world. After graduating with a jazz performance degree in 2006, I remained in lovely Brooklyn, doing what I do best: composing, playing, teaching, and creating.

In 2012, I was accepted to Temple University as a graduate student, and have since made the move to Philadelphia and completed my Masters in Music Education degree. Currently teaching at Temple University's Music Prep department, I offer jazz studies courses in performance and theory, as well as individual instruction for all ages and levels. In addition, I am actively composing and performing in the Philadelphia area.